In search for better performance, true breathability and optimized thermal regulation, we developed a collection made of natural fabrics.

Mover presents a full range of skiwear made of natural wool and high density woven cotton. Fully seam-sealed, this revolutionary combination of a technical construction using natural fibers opens a new era of weather resistant, fully protective and highly breathable ski garments. A step forward for your upmost comfort.

For years, Mover has been specializing in the fusion of the elements. We have ultimately designed a new generation of skiwear using natural fabric, where the skier ceases to fight against the snow and instead communicates with the mountain. This delicate approach to merging into the environment has inspired elegance in our models and reflects our sense of comfort and technical excellence.

While being “outerwear”, Mover is not uniquely an appearance. The sharpness of our designs translates into the brilliance of the technology behind. Eliminating most synthetic fibers and specifically –membranes, we recycle cotton and wool while giving a new high-tech life to this matter.