May 25, Plastic Free Day

May 25, Plastic Free Day

The plastic tide is expanding. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.

What was once considered to be human’s best friend turns out its worst enemy. 

Today is Plastic Free Day, the time of year when we pause and look back to our journey to eradicate this plague. And so far, our victories have been few and far between.

Thanks to the efforts of whistleblowers, we have been made aware of the macro crisis of plastic. The minority of the problem is visible. And the majority of it is invisible. Micro and nano-particles escape our everyday consumer goods and find their way into our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Micro and nano particles escaping our everyday things, and diffusing poisonous substances that threaten the very systems of life.

So how do we fight a ghost killer?

Plastic is a design problem. It has induced us to believe that we need it to progress (in some industries this may be the case and that’s ok). If we start re-engineering things to get down to the essentials, while bringing awareness to the process and questioning the status quo, we may have a chance for a better future with less harmful materials.

Mover Plastic Free Sportswear has made this bet, and is championing natural fibers as the answer to synthetic sports clothes. We have been fed a lie that polyester and nylon and etc, are the drivers of performance fabrics, when all they really do is depriving human bodies from the confort they need in the effort. Mover’s approach is 100% nature based, free of plastic, down to the thread. And they are no outsiders, many more are willing to take a chance. Innovators and consumers, policymakers and citizens and merging their efforts to trace out what’s next.

Today is Plastic Free Day, where we elevate and look forward to all the good that’s still to be discovered, developed or shared.

After all, a solution is only worth the miles it travels and the people it reaches.

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