Ever since men walked on the moon, we've thrown 79% of our plastics in the Oceans. Problem is plastic never dematerialises, at best it sinks. Into the depths. Submarine life: animals, plants, corals, every living cell, is affected by indestructible toxic pollutants and endocrine disruptors. Plastic is everywhere these days, and when it’s gone, there’s more. That’s gross.

Our world is crazy. From the Mariana Trench 11,000 meters down to the top of Mount Everest at 8,848 meters, plastic particles are everywhere. And every year, the production increases. The world is on fire and the only thing we are doing is pouring oil on it.

There was great thinking behind the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra. Problem is, plastic kills. Hard plastic, soft plastic, new plastic, vintage plastic, transformed, bio based, heated, mixed, innovated, ocean based, plant based, recycled... whatever plastic, it's always toxic. As we wear, wash and tear, it lives and leaks. 99.9% of sport clothes are made of plastic. This shouldn't be a fatality.

We condemn hypocrisy, corruption, systematized diversion set up by life threatening industries. Every company’s word is green, but the facts themselves are red. Greenwashing has gotten to our heads, and now we’ve got it in our hearts to act against it. Industries and governments are tied together, with priorities that haven’t changed since the 50s.

In 1936 Jesse Owens ran 100m in 10,3 sec. His gear ? Cotton tank, cotton shorts and leather shoes. 80 years later and with the help of the worlds best technological innovations, Usain Bolt ran just 7% faster. We believe in a low-tech, high efficiency approach, carried out with common sense and thoughtful execution. Plastic looks a little shinier, but the real shine is you. Trust us, we’re set on seeing stars in your eyes, but not the ones from synthetics.

What do we really need to do sports? Lightness, comfort, breathability, sometimes protection against wind, sometimes against rain. By questioning the usefulness of plastic in our everyday objects, we can question almost everything. Let's start together, by rethinking our closets, and our real needs. Sustainability is not a trend, but an end in itself.