Oddly enough, our story
begins with our current
enemy: plastic

Any mountaineer is likely to recall the slippery sound of winter clothing ticking around, a sound that accompanies a sporting person everywhere they go. It’s a swish, a swash. And over again. A loud, obnoxious sound you wish could simply go away and vanish. But hail! This is only just part of the issue.

we make clothes
that don’t swish
and swash

The origin of the brand began in Sweden in 1982, a time where Mover was the first to introduce Gore-Tex® in its ski garments, a technical component which played a role in contributing to the brand’s strong reputation as a high-tech ski apparel manufacturer.

In 2004, the company was purchased by Nicolas Rochat, a Swiss entrepreneur and avid skier.

In 2006, production was relocated from China to Europe and the headquarters transferred to Switzerland. The first collections freely used plastic fibers and nylon colors. But polyamide and polyester, quickly started to disappear from clothing as merino wool was gradually introduced to replace all synthetic underlayers and to line Gore-Tex® jackets and trousers. And soon enough, it was true, we saw that plastic was the problem.

In 2010, together with Baur Vliesstoffe, a German fleece manufacturer, Mover developed swisswool®, a revolutionary insulation material made entirely out of wool, intended to substitute for all polyester and down waddings. It is through the search for optimized levels of breathability and thermal regulation in garments, that Mover has acquired a distinctive know-how in integrating natural fabrics to highly technical sports garments.

In 2017, Mover made a decisive step by renouncing to its Gore-Tex® license in favour of weather resistant Ventile® fabrics made of high density woven cotton. And the facts destroyed the fiction and plastic became the problem: “why do we need plastics to enjoy the outdoors?”

Today, Mover is a privately owned, independent company, based in Lausanne Switzerland. We specialize in making plastic free thermal regulatory and protective sport garments.