Weather resistant comfort

Weather resistant comfort

Weather resistant

“I like to walk in the woods when it’s drizzling. It’s that great atmosphere: patches of low hanging clouds hiding the top of the hills, huge pines whose tops disappear in the sky, water droplets on every needle and every leaf of every tree. And they’re dripping on my nose, my shoulders, on my arms. Drops on every tall blade of grass I brush past with my thighs. And I love the feeling of being part of this world, comfortable and dry in all this wetness! Oddly, you may think, I feel a lot dryer in my outer shell made of tightly woven organic cotton, than when I used to wear a so-called breathable high-tech waterproof protection.” Those are the words of Nicolas, CEO and outdoor enthusiast.

Mover is coming from that background of highly modern technical wear. We designed and developed ski-clothes for over 15 years, and we know comfort and warmth are absolutely essential to our well-being when riding the slopes or treading the trails. But all those years of going out there and testing our clothes moved us to understand that nature is unbeatable when it comes down to thermoregulation and keeping you dry. Millions of years of evolution are hard to compete against.

So step by step we started to eliminate the various artificial materials we put in our garments. We would like to call it biomimetism. It is inspired by the animal and vegetal world, and a way to manufacture clothes that lets you be part of nature, rather than shield you against it. Our clothes are meant to let you move in symbiosis with the elements, rather than separate you from the outside atmosphere.

Rain, or perspiration ?

The moisture present inside our garments is more often stemming from our own emission of humidity than actual wetness from the rain or snow. More so, of course, as soon as we are even mildly exercising. This is why makers of technical membranes will sell you their ability to let that humidity out through micro porosity. For most of us, though, it will simply not be enough, and we will soon start to feel muggy. You can breathe through a straw if you lay perfectly still, but try it while climbing a trail…

Mover sportswear outfits are 100% plastic-free. The capability of cotton canvases to breathe and to let the humidity of your perspiring body evaporate for thermoregulation, is what makes our clothes so comfortable to wear. And yet those canvases we use for our outer shells are so tightly woven, that they will protect you very effectively against rain and snow. For a long time, mountaineers climbing the Alps or the Himalaya relied on no other material.

Plastic-free sportswear

The belief in perpetual progress in materials was very strong in the last couple of decades. At Mover, we are convinced that the most comfortable clothes to explore the great outdoors are just made out of natural fibers. And that the most suitable way to manufacture sportswear today is to follow this radical evolution: create exclusively plastic-free sportswear. That is our promise, as a trademark, and to our planet.

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